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Relaxation and De-Stressing Breathing Techniques!

Watch Anthony Fong demonstrate some simple breathing techniques to de-stress and bring back that energy! Video made In conjunction with our friends at Arthritis NZ.

Hight Intensity Training (H.I.T.) - is it for me and my brain?

What is High Intensity Training? How will I benefit from this training? Anthony Fong gives his view on how H.I.T. can be great for everyone!

Sir John Kirwan's top stress-busting tips!

Listen to All Black great Sir John Kirwan talk about how your own routine can be so important to improve our stress levels in this busy world of ours!

Top tips to keep fit and healthy during Covid-19!

Practical ideas to keep you and your family together in a positive manner during this challenging time in the world!

Book Review - Eat like an Athlete - Simone Austin

Watch Anthony Fong review Simone Austin's book and learn about what we eat and how we eat can be influential on your health and fitness!

Health and Fitness in China!

What is the health and fitness scene like in Qingdao now?

Looking after your back! - Part 2 - The Quadriceps!

Watch Anthony Fong show you some simple stretches to improve flexibility in the quadriceps! This will also help to reduce lower back pain!

Looking after your back! - Part 1 - The Hamstrings!

Learn to improve flexibility and movement in the back by stretching the Hamstrings!

Tennis Ball Massage for the Lower Body!

Reduce tension in your leg muscles by using a tennis ball! Simple, quick and effective!!

Senior Fitness Strength Basics Workout!

Watch Anthony Fong's video take you through a fantastic fitness session that will energise you for the day!

The Power of Partner Stretching!

Two minds are better than 1! Enjoy stretching with a friend while taking your flexibility to another level!

Arthritis & Back Pain Tips

Having been diagnosed with Arthritis over 25 years ago, I know it can be a frustrating time if your back and spine are giving you a hard time!

Soft Tissue Injuries and Sports Strapping

Sports tissue injuries and sports strapping are regular winter injury practices. What are the basic steps to take when these occur.

Sports strapping and injury management

Whether it’s on the sports field, in the gym, or outside running on the roads, the use of sports tape to support our bodies through those tough workouts and games is a common sight.

"I was involved in a head on road smash in 1996 that resulted in a broken hip. I had 4 pins placed in the damaged area and since then I've had to cope with a lack of flexibility. There have also been periods of painful muscle spasms and nerve pain.

Over the past two years, I've been to four different physiotherapists. I paid a total of 30 visits to two of them and a further 15 visits to the other two. I found there was no pain relief or improvement in my hip's flexibility after all these visits.

I decided to give Anthony Fong a try. I was pleased to have relief from the muscle spasms after just the second visit. Since then, Anthony's mix of massage, acupressure and acupuncture, has not only helped with pain relief, but to my delight, his treatment has also resulted in more flexibility in my hip. I now find it easier to climb in and out of a car. I also find it less tiring to walk.

Anthony has an intuitive way of administering his treatment and has been able to produce results for me that I've not had from any of the previous physiotherapists I've tried. He is a conscientious healer who has a genuine interest in his clients.

I've now had 12 sessions with Anthony and my hip's flexibility has continued to improve and the spasms have become less frequent and less intense when they do strike. I'm delighted with the way his treatment has improved my walking and day to day activities."

Ceidrik Heward