Fitness specialties

We come to your place, not ours!

Save time and take the stress out of travelling to a fitness centre! Exercise in the comfort of your own home or workplace! 

I t's my pleasure and privilege to be of service to you in order to improve your health and fitness! I love to integrate a mix of western and eastern health, fitness and sports modalities which I have enjoyed studying and participating in over the years. This includes Yoga, having been a keen participant of yoga for over 25 years, ranging from Iyengar to Astanga to Hot Yoga,  all have wonderful benefits for the body!

Having also studied the basics of Chinese Traditional Medicine through Pain Management (dry needling and micro massage) and Cupping Therapy (suction cups) has given me an insight into how Chinese Medicine can be a great additional tool to provide greater health benefits to my clients.

Our services:

1. Mobile fitness sessions at your place!

Keep yourself fit and healthy with our mobile session options:

Stretching - Are you constantly in pain and not sure how to reduce the tension? Or do you want to learn to relax and take time out for yourself! A regular Partner Stretching session routine will dramatically improve your range of muscle movement and your sense of well-being! Give it a go! You have nothing to lose except your health! 


Personal Training - We will be with you every step of the way! Guiding you through safe exercises tailor-made for your personal requirements! Together, we can raise the bar to your fitness standard!  



Relaxation Massage - a perfect compliment after your Personal Training session! Your relaxation massage will release the tension in your tired muscles and make you feel a million dollars!

Sports Massage - need to prepare or unwind your muscles for your chosen sport? A sports massage will give you the physical and mental advantage you are looking for! 


The positive benefits are:

-You will be accountable and motivated for your fitness routine by meeting with a fitness professional regularly.
-You will be accessing fitness ideas and solutions with Anthony Fong, who has over 20 years of experience in health and fitness!
-You will enjoy the personal touch of having a fitness coach at your service, for advice and to answer your questions!  


2. Group Fitness Classes


Group  Fitness Stretch n' Flex Class  - you maybe a novice to exercise or an experienced weekend warrior - whatever your situation, we can make a positive contribution to your fitness and well-being!


Stretch n' Flex Class- A combination of  strength, balance, core work, stretching and relaxation breathing. Low impact Class catered to revive and re-energise you! First Class is a Free Trial.

All classes are 60 minutes in duration.  

Class days:     Wednesday  

Class times:   10am - 11am - during the school term. 

Venue:            St George's Church Hall, 19 Ranfurly Road, Epsom 

Investment:    $12 per casual class, $58.75 per 5 card concession, $115 per 10 card concession, $220 per casual 20 card concession






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Save time and take the stress out of travelling to a fitness centre or group fitness class!

"Having Anthony demonstrate and supervise throughout each training period is most rewarding in terms of satisfaction and results - I know I am doing the exercises correctly and increasing fitness levels mentally as well as physically. Anthony is well qualified and very experienced as a fitness advisor. Anthony is a real professional." 

Leo McDonald, Auckland

A simple stretching routine from Anthony Fong Fitness can make the world of difference to your flexibility and well-being!